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School Uniform Policy




For all years the uniform is as follows:

  • Black/navy blue tailored trousers – no patch pockets; Noskinny’ style trousers.
  • Or, for girls, a knee length school skirt – no more than 5 cm above or below the knee.
  • Plain white shirt with stiffened collar
  • John Ruskin School navy v-necked jumper with embroidered crest
  • John Ruskin School tie with crest
  • Black/dark brown sensible school shoes made of leather or a leather substitute – heels no higher than 5 cm, no trainers or boots.  The top of the foot should be covered
  • Plain dark socks


There are occasions when students need rain resistant outerwear, especially since we are in the Lake District.  Parents are strongly advised that their child has a suitable and effective jacket or coat for travelling to and from school.  It is also advisable that ALL items of clothing have name labels in them.

The listed uniform above can be purchased from Coniston Corporate Embroidery (CCE) via the school website.  You will find the link under the ‘Parents’ menu tab on the home page.  Shirts and trousers do not have to be purchased from CCE.

All students are required to wear the correct school uniform and we expect them to take pride in it and wear it appropriately.  It is part of the school identity and encourages a business-like, ready-to-work attitude.

We expect parents and carers to support the uniform policy to encourage the community spirit and the appropriate attitude for learning.  In the same way that parents and carers check that their child is properly equipped for all subjects, it is imperative that they check that the correct uniform is worn.


Extremes of hairstyles are not allowed.  Hair colour should be natural.



Students will need a bag that can fit school books and pencil cases in.  We would suggest that these can accommodate work up to a minimum size of A4.  During the school day bags should be placed in lockers and not carried around the school.


Students may wear a watch and one plain pair of stud earrings in earlobes.  Facial, (including tongue), piercings are not allowed.  Body piercings, (eg stomach/belly button) are not allowed.


Minimal make-up suitable for day time wear, thick layers of foundation are not appropriate.


The PE kit list is published in the student planner each year.  Students are responsible for bringing their kit and only that listed in the planner is appropriate.   Students will also require a towel and trainers for inside whist also having football/rugby boots for lessons outside.


Failure to wear the correct uniform will mean that students will not be allowed to attend lessons until the issue is remedied.  In exceptional circumstances parents will be expected to attend the school and take steps to ensure compliance with policy.